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L’Hotel was built in 1828 by Célestin-Joseph Happe in the 17th century. The building became Hotel d’Allemagne in 1868 and then Hotel d’Alsace after the war of 1870.

Oscar Wilde took up residence at the end of the 19th century and lived at L'Hotel until his death, famously claiming to 'live above his means.

After undergoing extensive refurbishment in 1967, L'Hotel soon became the place to be seen in Paris, with every famous visitor to the city passing through it's doors, from Salvador Dali, Princess Grace, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor to Richard Burton, Jim Morrison and Serge Gainsbourg.

L'Hotel's iconic status as the leading hotel on the Left Bank was confirmed following a stunning overhaul by legendary designer Jacques Garcia, which won many accolades and awards.

Design by Jacques Garcia

The rooms were designed by Jacques Garcia, one of the most celebrated designers in France. 

There are only a few designers whose names are known all over the world—Jacques Garcia is one of them. Growing up in France in the 1950s, Garcia showed an interest in and talent for interior design and architecture. After working in Paris for decades, Garcia earned international recognition with his renovation of the Hotel Costes, which sparked a desire for his voluptuous designs that started a style revolution in hotels, restaurants, and private homes.


Conservation and restoration of mural painting.

Repair of damaged gesso moulding and recreation of faux finish walls.

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