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Café Imperio

An acclaimed restaurant which first opened its doors back in 1955. It was designed by Cassiano Branco and today it is classified as Architectural Heritage by IGESPAR (Portugal's Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage).

This two floor iconic space combines a cafe, bar and restaurant. 


In 2014, the project to restore the panel painted by Luís Dourdil (1914-1989) was a result of cafe owner's wish to see this mural restored as part of the artist centenary celebrations.


The 48 sqm mural, dated 1955, was done with "egg tempera" technique and is classified as national cultural heritage.


The mural was in a high state of degradation due to many years of exposure to cigarette smoke, grease from the restaurant operations and also a water infiltration from the adjoining building.

After removing all the layers of grease and smoke it was possible to once again enjoy the beautiful brush strokes and colours of the original painting.

APOM Award by the Lisbon Town Hall


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