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The beautiful Igreja da Encarnação is located in the heart of Lisbon, in the refined and mythical Largo do Chiado.


Inaugurated in 1708, it was built by order of the Countess of Pontével, D. Elvira de Vilhena.

The temple suffered severe destruction with the earthquake of 1755, being restored and significantly altered in 1784, according to the plan of the Architect Manuel Caetano de Sousa, finishing the works only in 1875. The façade of the Temple is in a Neoclassical style combined with several late 'Rocaille' elements, featuring interesting images of Santa Catarina that were part of the old medieval door.


Conservation and restoration of the ceilings (Coro Alto, Nave and Capela Mor) and Conservation and restoration of the Chapel of Santíssimo.

Conservation and restoration of mural painting located at church windbreak ceiling.

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